Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Marilyn Manson No Makeup, No Problem

In the latest, hottest, sexiest Internet story of the afternoon, American rock star and artist Marilyn Manson has finally decided to take action in his life-long battle with makeup abuse. Manson (born as Brian Hugh Warner), known more for his thick foundation and dark eye liner than his musical talent, has long been viewed as an outrageous and controversial figure in the rock and roll world. From his clothing to his lyrics to his stage name - a hybrid of Charles Manson and Marilyn Monroe - Manson has been criticized as being a bad influence on children.

For years, Manson was able to deflect these criticisms as part of the rock and roll lifestyle - knowing in his heart of hearts and his bank account of bank accounts that there is no such thing as bad press. Nonetheless, there always seemed to be a darkness about him, a lingering impression that not all was right in the world of the artist formerly known as Brian. This week, the truth finally came out. Manson finally let the world see him for who he really is - a frightened little boy from Canton, Ohio with a longterm addiction to cosmetics.

Manson's troubles began in junior high school when he attended his mother's Episcopalian church even though his father was Catholic. His mother, trying to protect him from the shame of not recognizing the authority of the pope, would dress Manson in ridiculous Sunday dresses and thick, heavy makeup. Manson hated church, but secretly loved the costumes and the makeup. Years later, while attending Boward Community College, Manson pursued a degree in journalism and pulled out his mom's old dresses and makeup while doing undercover investigative reporting. At first it was just part of the job, a social activity, but pretty soon he was wearing makeup alone. By the time he graduated, he'd earned a minor in music and an avenue with which to conceal his growing addiction.

For the next twenty years, Manson was able to live a functional life as a cosmeholic, hiding his addiction to makeup behind an on-stage persona that eventually crept into his off-stage life. Eventually, there was no longer a separation between Marilyn and Brian. In fact, there was no Brian. Manson knew it was time to take action - it was time to take the makeup off.

Although many recommended treatment, Manson decided that, with the help of his girlfriend and recovering cosmeholic, he could kick this disease on his own. The results have been miraculous.

 Before accepting his problem and seeking help

Just a few short weeks after...

After thirty days of makeup free existence, Manson admits, "I can't believe I've been hiding behind a mask for so long. When it comes down to it, I'm awfully cute." 


I wrote this way too late and need to get some rest. My apologies to anyone who actually reads this blog for baby content. Hollywood is just way more interesting some days.

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  1. I was doing a google search for Marilyn Manson without make up and found this. I started reading it thinking it was real and got down to the pictures and CRACKED UP!!! Too funny. Thanks for writing. :P