Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Justin Bieber's New Reality Show

What's up Bieber fans. If you're like me, you always have the fever for the flavor of a Bieber, and you are not going to believe the news that's about to break. That's right - there's a bright, shiny secret rising on young Justin's horizon and it's about light up the whole entertainment industry. You heard it here first - A Parenting From the Up Side Down exclusive - Justin Bieber is about to star in his very own reality show!! I'm so excited I could feather my hair.

It doesn't seem that long ago that Bieber was just an up and coming, YouTube driven pop sensation fortunate enough to present an award at the 2009 VMAs. Since then he has released his debut album My World which peaked on the billboard charts at number five, followed by the release of his sophomore album My World 2.0 the following spring.

With his unexpected, overnight rise to super-stardom, Bieber has had the opportunity to work with everyone from Ludicris and Sean Kingston to Jaden Smith and Kanye West. Everything Bieber touches these days turns to gold. He has met the president, topped Lady Ga Ga on the YouTube charts, and is about to appear on an episode of CSI as bad boy, Jason McCann. Hell, he even got Mark Wahlberg to come out of rap-tirement to perform on his second album. That's some serious star power. C'mon, c'mon. Feel it, feel it.

Needless to say, Bieber's success has not gone unnoticed by Hollywood producers, which is why - just a few short hours ago - Justin Bieber signed a three season contract to star in his own teen version of "The Bachelor." Although details of the shooting location, release date, and cable network have not yet been disclosed, auditions for the first season are rumored to begin as soon as next week. The show's title is still up for debate, and they want your fan input as part of the auditions. Titles currently on the table include, "The Beibchelor," "Leave it Bieber," or "Flavor of Bieb." 

Much like "The Bachelor," Bieber's show will feature him and thirty-two potential suitors all living together at his single, working mother Pattie's house. Bieber will screen the eligible bachelorettes according to singing skills,  published YouTube resume, depth of Christian faith, and knowledge of Canadian cultural norms. Bieber's father, Jeremy, will act as his trusty wing man.  At the end of each episode, Bieber will narrow down the field, presenting bottles of his brand name hair products to those he wants to stay asking, "To Bieb or Not to Bieb?"

So here's the exciting part. It's time to pop the cork on your fandom and im-Bieb to you hearts content. You know I will. If you're reading this now and you want to be a bachelorette on Bieber's show, you can audition. Anyone can. Here are the requirements:

1. Complete a video of three minutes or less that includes:
a) you singing part of your favorite Bieber song
b) which show title you would choose - you can makeup your own, too
c) what makes you a good candidate for the show
d) the capital of Canada 
e) proof that you own both My World and its 2.0 sequel 

2. Please submit your video audition to YouTube under the title "I'm perfect for the JoB"

Please check for a response to your entry on this site - and shop around while you're waiting. Don't let this opportunity pass you by. Justin is looking for someone with a creative edge, so mix it up. All ages are welcome, so don't think this doesn't apply to you.

Justin Bieber with the Season 1 host, Amari B Fishman. 

Good luck everyone. Bieb there or Bieb square.



  1. It's hard to say who has the better hair.

  2. Oo wow wha if your a horrible sinqer but qood dancer wuld your sinqinq count aqainst you ?