Saturday, June 19, 2010

Something about Crawling

I'm really tired right now. No time for fancy words or complete sentences, but I would be remiss if I allowed another day to go by without mentioning that Amari B. Fishman crawled her first crawl last this Thursday afternoon.

Carrie and I had just brought her home from Susan's where Aiden and Liam had been crawling around all morning trying to show Amari how it's done. While we were still at Susan's we noticed Amari doing a little hand shuffle back and forth, but when we got home she pushed herself up onto all fours, targeted something interesting across her play mat, and took four very definite "steps" forward.

It was really exciting. I jumped up to get the video camera while Carrie ran outside to get Granny C, and for the next fifteen minutes or so we strategically placed enticing objects beyond Amari's reach, then watched, encouraged, and clapped as she showed off her mobility. As time passed Amari grew both tired and clever, eventually taking only the minimum number of crawls necessary before diving toward the desired object. A sign of genius, I'm sure.

Although I vowed to keep a much closer eye on her from that moment on, the next morning I cavalierly left her alone on her blanket for a couple of minutes. She was surrounded by toys, none of which were small enough to choke on, and I didn't see anything in the vicinity that appeared dangerous. Moments later, however, I returned to find Amari very interested in something at the edge of her blanket. I'd seen her suck on tags, before, but this time she'd managed to get a hold of a tissue box, pull out a tissue out, and was eating it enthusiastically until I frantically pulled the soft, mushy, moisturized pieces from her mouth. If we weren't attached to our home, I believe this would be the ideal time to move. It's much easier to unpack essentials than it is to condense and elevate everything we own. Did I mention my brilliant Nerf furniture idea?

So there it is - the end of one era and the beginning of another. I'm grateful Amari waited until the day before summer to start this milestone, because now we have the whole summer to watch her master mobility while simultaneously learning that we live in an infant death trap. Time to put away my halberds and scimitars.

That's right - I ended on an obscure Medievil weaponry reference.

PS My mom passed away almost four years ago. I know for a fact I would not be half the father I am had it not been for her love and adoration. Today would have been her birthday. Happy Birthday, Mom. I think of you often.

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