Saturday, June 12, 2010

Strollz in the Hood

Last week Carrie and I popped Amari into her stroller and took a long, early-evening walk around our neighborhood. Every car and passer-by, even when we had a light blanket draped over the front of the stroller to protect Amari from the sun, would gaze at the stroller, and then smile and wave to us. After about a half an hour I turned to Carrie and asked, "Have you noticed how friendly people are when you have a stroller?" 
"Yeah. So?" 
"They don't know what's behind the blanket," I said, but instead of just appreciating that we live in friendly part of the world I added, "I think if I ever become a serial killer and I need to dispose of a body - I'm going stroller." 
"Nice" Carrie said as though it were a totally normal thought, "Or, if you become a drug dealer, you could just peddle your wears behind the blanket."
"Or what about a terrorist?" I thought to myself, but quickly dismissed it thinking I must have seen that in a movie somewhere. 

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