Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day Blog

What do you want for your first father's day? A BLOG? Whatever (weirdo).

For your first father's day, I promise not to resent this day falling on my birthday week and detracting from the gloriousness that is the yearly celebration of my birth. I promise to let you listen to the ballgame on the radio, even if we're on a long road trip and it's REALLY boring. I promise to let you sleep in--every other day. I promise to do your laundry, swiffer the floors, clean the toilets--if you keep vacuuming and cooking. I promise to smile through the Lakers games even though I have NO idea what's going on.

In short, I give you the same damn thing you've gotten every year, only a little extra because you're a great dad. Didn't I complain a lot more about sports before Amari was born? That's right.

Well look, I'm sleep deprived and sunburned. I'm tired and stupid. Just imagine I'm saying something brilliant and funny...oh, and that I still look as good as I did before I got pregnant. But let's face it--being a mom has made me a lot more endearing.


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