Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Home Alone

Isaac will probably kill me for hijacking his blog. I mean, for father's day was one thing, but a mere two days after??? Madness! I just had to say: 

Hug a single parent today!

Many times in this crazy adventure called parenting I have said, "I don't know how single parents do it." I know I would NOT care to do this alone and am eternally grateful for having a righteously awesome hunk of love to co-parent with. Now I know more than ever! I have been left home alone ALONE (and cried and wept for loneliness and missing my progeny) but the past few days I have been left home alone with Amari while Isaac visits friends (the bastard!). I'm surviving. BARELY!

And that's why I say hug a single parent today. Amari is one sweet cookie, and I was about ready to pull my hair out when she FINALLY went down for a really good nap at 4:30. I can't imagine getting stuck with a grumpy Gus all day. I have been thinking of making a shirt for my darling one that says "Loves Fine Whines". She's starting to have ideas about what she wants to do and it's pretty much never "watch TV and read US Weekly," so we're having some differences of opinions and desires. Fortunately we both love long walks, snuggling, music, weird toys, and food. Lots of food.

Isaac come home and never leave us again!

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