Monday, May 28, 2012

Who? What? Why? Why? Why?...Why? Why?


Just for fun, the next time a friend shares a thought or an intention, something as innocuous as, "I'm pretty thirsty," just throw a "Why?" at them to see what happens. That's what life inside FishManor has been like the past few weeks. You can quickly see where this conversation goes.
"Well, I was in the sun for a while and it was pretty hot."
"I had to do some yard work out there."
"Because there were weeds growing in places I don't like them to."
"Well, the rain makes things grow..."

And eventually everything ends up as an intense conversation about photosynthesis, gravity, or genetic illnesses. Either that or it comes back around to me being thirsty. Pete and repeat are in a boat, Pete fell out. Who's left?

Refreshingly from time to time, however, Amari also throws in a little Name Game.
"Want a green bean?"
"Yeah," munch munch, "What's this guy called?"
"'s called a green bean."
"Because it's green and it's in the bean family."
And then, as you can see, we're back to photosynthesis again.

Try it. It's like one of those weird math games somebody spent far too much time figuring out.

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