Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Fountain of Youth

While pushing Amari on her swing today I let out a little groan of discomfort.
"What's wrong, Dad?"
"My shoulder hurts."
This, of course, led to the mandatory, "Why?"
"Because I'm old," I replied for no one else's benefit.
"Drink water," she told me, "It will make your old feel better."

Two hours later, enjoying our afternoon coffee and milk respectively, Amari asked me, "Are you feeling better now, Dad?" Confused by the question, but honestly feeling great, I said, "I feel awesome."
"You don't feel old anymore?" she asked. My answer was somewhere between and "no" and a "yes," but I was too blown away by the thoughtfulness of her question that I just smiled and laughed.

 The new swing set
 On and Amari enjoying the sunshine
A recent self-portrait by Amari B Fishman

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