Tuesday, April 3, 2012

That's Mr. Fishman to You Lady

Albeit brief, it was unequivocally the best experience I've ever had. Alas, I am Dada no longer. Yes, I'm still a dad, but for some reason about a week ago Amari started calling me Isaac. I used to enjoy quizzing her on what the names of all of her relatives were - from mom and dad to CC and Babaji - and was delighted by the sound of my name squeaking past her lips. Even last week in its modest beginnings it was pretty darn cute - a potential party trick if time correctly. Unfortunately, however, where she was mixing it up as recently as this past weekend, throwing in the occasional "Dada" to keep me on my toes and under her spell, she appears now to have made that title obsolete.

"Wait for me," she calls as we're walking to the car, and when I don't immediately stop she emphasizes, "ISAAC, wait for me." Initially it was just situations like this that she would use the informal (formal?) to get my attention, but I think she's overheard me tell the story of this new development several times and has perhaps misunderstood the tone as pride.

Fortunately, she has also adopted some of the terms of endearment Carrie and I use around the house, so in addition to Isaac I sometimes get called "Honey," "Babe," or "Lady." The latter is something we often call her. "What are you doing, Isaac?" and if I don't answer quickly enough she repeats, "What are you doing lady?"

I'm sure Dada and its variations will be back soon, but I already miss them. I remember experimenting with calling my parents by their first names when I was in high school. My dad didn't care, but I could tell my mom wasn't into it. Now I know why. There's something special about hearing the word "dad" - a constant reminder of the magical little being I had a part in creating.

I've also noticed that Amari is becoming very interested in being a part of our conversations - not just adding her own commentary on the world, but listening and responding. Tonight at dinner Carrie was talking about one of her students saying, "She got a full ride to UCLA."
"She got a full ride?" Amari asked.
"A full ride?"
"A full ride on CC's tractor?"
"Yes." And to her, that's a much more interesting ride.

Here are some pics of recent visits Amari had with some of her new BFF's, Eric, On, and Uncle Matt

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