Sunday, May 22, 2011

Poop Goes In the Potty

Ahh, milestones. Those generally broad standards upon which we parents get to hang our hats of pride or our heads in shame; that pediatrician approved window within which we can stand up tall and say, "My kid is perfectly average."

I remember when I used to have time to read parenting books (or anything for that matter), and I would sneak a peak at the beginning of each month to see which developmental records Amari would be breaking that month. When she rolled over from her stomach to her back at the precocious age of two months, I knew she was not only a genius and the best looking baby on the planet, but she was also practically bionic. I'm pretty sure that was the last milestone she achieved early.

Today, at the completely average and expected age of eighteen and a half months, Amari took her very first poop in her very own potty. You might recall that diaper changes have been historically traumatic (or more accurately dramatic) for Amari. Just the mention of the D Word incites tears - probably because a cold wipe on a warm ass is totally unpleasant. I get it - I'm glad my toilet paper is dry and neutral fe

Fortunately for us, Amari does not have a poker face when it comes to taking a dump. Again, probably because large poops coming out of a small hole is totally unpleasant. In the past, when she's in the crouch, making the face and/or grunting, she'll shake her head vehemently when I ask if she's pooping. Today, however, she appeared to be particularly uncomfortable, so I asked, "Amari, are you pooping?" and she looked up at me in despair and managed to say, "Yeah," with tears in her eyes. I picked her up and asked, "Do you want to make poop in your potty?" to which she squeaked out the same, "Yeah."

So off we went and by the time we got to the potty, pants down, diaper off, she was ready to go. She cried a bit, but when I pulled her off and showed her what she'd done she marveled and pointed and then began crying again. I sat her back down and she cried and I held her and just a few moments later, a much larger reward awaited her. She appeared to very proud of herself, and after I cleaned her up, I took her to Granny C's for a high five while Mama finished her shower. When Mama was done Amari and I showed off her accomplishment, Mama and I sang the chorus of the Poop in the Potty song, and Amari ceremoniously dumped her milestone into the toilet and flushed.

For those who haven't heard the song, check it out:

No pictures of the poop, but here's a peak at the happy conquering heroine.

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