Monday, October 25, 2010

Giants Win National League Pennant, Carrie Takes Home MVP (Most Valuable Parent)

In a season coined as "Torture" by long-time, local broadcaster, Duane Kuiper, the San Francisco Giants continued their improbable playoff run by defeating the heavily-favored, two-time defending National League champion Philadelphia Phillies in the NLCS to make the third World Series appearance in franchise history.  On Saturday morning, Amari and I hit the road to catch Game 6 in Philadelphia, but unfortunately, due to a (very) late start and bad weather, we had to resort to Plan B. If you have five minutes, enjoy this video of our adventure. And Vamos Gigantes. If you like feel-good stories, you'll love the San Francisco Giants. And if you like feel-good movies, you should enjoy this...

It's been a month now since I took my leave from work and became a full-time stay-at-home dad. The first couple of weeks were a little turbulent - just normal transition stuff. Carrie suddenly felt like a second-class citizen, while I went through some severe adult conversation withdrawal. As we settled into our new roles, however, we began to feel great about our decision. Things are less stressful now because we aren't both spreading ourselves thin trying to be employees, parents, and homemakers. We now have a clear division of labor. Carrie busts her ass at work to make a living and I bust mine to make sure she just gets unadulterated Amari-time when she gets home. 

Meanwhile, Amari makes both of our jobs worth it.

Since Friday's first steps, Amari has shied away from walking, probably deciding that crawling is both more efficient and less painful and awkward. At least once a day we'll stand her between us and encourage her to practice a few steps back and forth. She generally likes it until she doesn't, and she lets us know when she's done by lifting her feet into the air or letting her knees buckle when we prop her up. More than once I've wondered, "How do single parents get their kids to practice?" until this afternoon when I tried pointing Amari towards the couch and letting her stumble clumsily into the soft cushions. Success. "Ah-hah," I thought, "Necessity is the mother of invention." My Nerf furniture idea may catch on after all.

Carrie has been home all week for what the local schools call their "Fall Break," and it couldn't have come at a better time. Now that I've worked in education I know that the abundance of weeks and three-day weekends littered throughout the year are designed perfectly to keep teachers from teetering over the brink of insanity. As an English teacher, Carrie's dance along that ledge is tenuous at times, but she never ceases to amaze. She puts a ton of energy into her job and still finds the patience and compassion to soothe her tired and toothy daughter when she's home. She is super-mom. As a tribute to her, I've prepared another video - a montage of moments she's shared with Amari.

Tomorrow - more about Amari. For now, enjoy this picture of her levitating in a flower bed.

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